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Blue Collar Life

8 November
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‘Ordinary’ and ‘average’ are two words that describe me well. I’m not the type that stands out in a crowd, nor I am the kind that wishes to. I’m a bit on the quiet side and keep to myself probably more than I should, but overall I’d have to say that I’m a fairly typical example of a straight and single guy in his early thirties. By that I mean I like things like women, beer, hockey, fast cars, fire, and things that go bang. Tall and thin, often scruffy and a bit rough around the edges, I’m blue collar to the core, a high school educated workingman who gets his hands dirty making a living and doesn‘t mind it in the least. I do construction work for fun and exercise(not too mention extra money) and fix cars for a living. I have a house, a newish car and a battered old 4x4 pickup, a couple of alaskan snowdogs, and a productive and happy life outside of the internet that consists mostly of work. I am a hockey fan (go Oilers!), a pool player, an amateur hack of an author when time permits, and one who generally prefers the outdoors to the in.