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Grief and immortality...

When young is young, the reality of death is a hard thing to grasp. It is something that happens to other people, a thing that you think will never happen to you or those close to you. It is something distant and vague like shadows in the evening gloom, a thing that disappears if you stare at it for too long...

As one grows older, the realities of life and death set in. I've lost grandparents in the last few years, even a couple of distant cousins, but in the last day I've come to realize that I've been very lucky when it comes to those that I know and love...

I lost an old friend yesterday, a guy I've known for twenty plus years, a guy I thought would probably never die, considering all of the stupid stuff we did and survived during the uncertain years of the adolescence we shared.

Time catches up with all of us and life is short. That lesson hits harder today than it ever has before. Yesterday, in the shattered wreckage of a Cessna 172 airplane ended the life of one of the greatest guys I have ever known.

Rest in peace Mike, You were a great pilot and a even better friend. I will do what I can for those you have left behind.

I miss you old friend. Life just won't be the same without you around.



I feel for you, I've never lost anyone I've been really close with, but I sympathize with you my friend. I am truly sorry for your loss.

Best wishes to you and my condolences.

-Matt, A fan of your written works.
That's rough Jon. Loosing a good friend is harder than loosing a family member. -They're closer, and while we love our parents and grand parents we know that they will eventually die, a good friend is more akin to loosing something like a hand. They take part of us with them, and we never heal all the way again. Still it's these scars that make us who we are, just as much as the experiences we have with those people. I hope you took, or are taking time to mourn his death. Someone that close to you deserves it.
Varg, it's been a rough ride, for sure. Mike was one of the best buddies I've ever had. I knew the guy since grade 10 and before he got married we did a ton of stuff together. He was one of the nicest, most helpful guys you could ever meet and could tell a story like no one else.

A group of us, those who know him best, took a few days off and retreated into the depths of the Rockies for a few days last month. We talked a lot, partied it up a bit and told old stories. I think it was good for all of us but the healing process is slow in such situations.

We'll survive, but it will be some time before we're all back to something that's close to normal.


From a fellow pilot: it is always eerie reading about a crash, no matter who it was, a young buck in a hot rod or an old soldier flyer on a routine flight in a well maintained Cessna 150.

Planes can get the best of us. I'm sure your friend's earned his wings.